Omnichannel E-Commerce Fulfillment Services in California

The e-Commerce fulfillment is an essential part of the process when you are trying to satisfy your buyers. Successful e-commerce fulfillment depends on several factors, including a strong e-commerce fulfillment process.

Behind a successful e-Commerce business, there is the best-in-class e-Commerce fulfillment service taking care of and covering the whole delivery process. The challenge is to find your best ally who offers complete coverage, finds solutions to problems, and has a fully integrated system to make your deliveries easier.

When using e-Commerce services, the customer does not have to go to a physical store, choose a product and buy it there.

With the different sales channels, the clients have multiple options to have the products they need, just with one click. On the logistic side, we are talking about two modes of e-Commerce Fulfillment, multichannel and omnichannel.

What is the difference between Multichannel and Omnichannel Fulfillment?

Both are strategies to deliver your products. Multichannel means that your clients have multiple options to ask you for products: website, store, marketplaces, social media platforms, and other online channels. In this case, each one has its inventory and separated marketing strategies. So, if the client has some problems with that specific channel, the only way to solve it is on that same channel.

For example, if your client buys you a t-shirt online and then returns to the store to change it, he will not be able to get the product. The client would have to ship the t-shirt back to the original warehouse and, for sure, he will have to wait at least one week or more.

In multichannel retail, online customers have to wait from 2 to 7 days for their order to be dispatched from the warehouse to the final destination.

On the other hand, you have the omnichannel strategy, which provides the complete integration of the order fulfillment process and solving problems in real-time.

What is an omnichannel fulfillment strategy?

When we refer to omnichannel fulfillment, we mean multiple channels are used to distribute and fulfill the customer orders, regardless of the channel they selected to buy a product. This strategy improves customer service and offers a seamless experience for customer loyalty.

Therefore, Omnichannel fulfillment does not show a linear strategy to see how the product flows between the warehouse, store, and final destination. By contrast, you can see multiple ways to manage orders: The more options, the more ways to fulfill orders on time.

You will see alternatives like store to the customer, warehouse to store, store to store, warehouse to customer, warehouse to an alternative pick-up location, and many more.

Why is Omnichannel Fulfillment essential nowadays?

Customers are getting more demanding each day. They do not want to waste any time. Retailers need to provide the best services to their customers. For that reason, the challenge is to fulfill those orders on time, avoiding any problems to the consumer.

The Omnichannel strategy is key to accomplishing that. There are three most important advantages of the omnichannel fulfillment strategy:

– No more barriers between sales channels: on the omnichannel fulfillment, every channel acts like one. There are no barriers in the process. An organized system will offer faster solutions. Everyone should be on the same page.

– A Warehouse Management System: retailers should have a WMS that follows an organized process and updates orders statuses in real-time. That way, they will know which location works best to fulfill the determined order. Real-time tracking is essential in this process.

– Inventory Management: With this system, you can see the product availability in real-time and monitor the orders throughout all of the fulfillment channels and the workflow on each one.

If you are searching for a company that fulfills your orders, trust GLC Distribution. Our e-commerce fulfillment experts manage the cross-docking of inventory in our Chicago, Miami, Charleston, and California facilities, including Los Angeles, Compton, Rialto, Fontana.

We provide real-time omnichannel e-commerce fulfillment strategies and integrate inventory management in our 4 locations in California (Los Angeles, Compton, Rialto, Fontana) and other locations in Charleston, Chicago, and Miami.

GLC Distribution’s eCommerce services provide profitable and efficient fulfillment services to give you a competitive edge in the fastest-growing retail market, eCommerce. We count on up to 700 square feet of fulfillment center space and continue to expand.

Our Facilities in California

Los Angeles, CA: 165,000 square feet, located at 0.25 miles from the Interstate, 60 miles from the Port, and 0,25 miles from the nearest Amazon Distribution Center.

Fontana, CA: 100,000 square feet, located at 0.25 miles from the Interstate, 55 miles from the Port, and 1 mile from the nearest Amazon Distribution Center.

Rialto, CA: 75,000 square feet, located at 0.1 miles from the Interstate, 60 miles from the Port,  and 2 miles from the nearest Amazon Distribution Center.

Compton, CA: 35,000 square feet, located at 1 mile from the Interstate, 5 miles from the Port, and 5 miles from the nearest Amazon Distribution Center. We also have Transloading for Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Our Facility in Chicago

200,000 square feet, located at 0,5 miles from the Interstate, 11 miles from the rail Terminal and 0,5 miles from Amazon DC (Channahon), and 6,5 miles from Amazon DC (Joliet).

Our Facility in Miami

17,000 square feet, located at 0,5 miles from the Interstate, 21 miles from the Port, 31 miles from the Port of Everglades, and 11 miles from the nearest Amazon Distribution Center.

Our Facility in Charleston

69,000 square feet, located at 6 miles from the Interstate, 22 miles from the Port, and less than 100 miles from the nearest Amazon Distribution Center.