GLC Distribution's Nationwide Trucking Services

Nationwide Trucking Services:
From Coast-to-Coast

Put your ground transportation into high gear with GLC Distributions’ extensive portfolio of trucking solutions. From the first mile to the final destination GLC Distributions offers licensed and reliable transport for the continental U.S.

Our services include countrywide pickup and delivery, consolidation and distribution, real-time tracking services, and drayage to and from all U.S. ports. Our fleet trucks can handle all types of cargo, from oversized machinery to fresh produce and retail goods.

Let our quality and cost-effective trucking solutions take you on the road to a more efficient way of delivery.

Trucking Services

  • Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Less Than a Truck Load ( LTL)
  • Drayage of Intermodal Containers
  • Final Mile
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Over Dimensional
  • Heavy Haul
  • Time Critical
  • Relocations/ Personal Effects

FAQ’s About Trucking Services

When should I choose LTL service over FTL?

LTL (less than a truckload) is a consolidation of multiple companies goods to fill a trailer. This service is a cost-effective way to transport small and medium-sized shipments, which would not account for a full truckload on their own. However, if shipping a commodity that requires special handling, is time-critical, or is of high-value, GLC recommends a dedicated truck regardless of the load’s size.

How is my freight class determined?

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association created the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) standard to establish a commodity’s transportability. The NMFC® has 18 classes, ranging from 50-500, and it classifies items based on four characteristics: Density, Stowability, Handling, and Liability. Proper classification of your goods is crucial as the lower the classification, the lower the rate. GLC will confirm your goods’ correct class and ensure that it placed correctly on the bill of lading for each shipment.

What does free time with a live load mean?

Free time refers to the amount of time the trucker will wait for the trailer or container to be loaded. After the free time has expired, an hourly detention rate will apply.

Trucking Services

Less Than a Truck Load (LTL)

An excellent option for small businesses, LTL consolidates small cargoes from multiple shippers into one full truckload. This option is recommended when loads are between 1 to 6 pallets or are less than 12 linear feet. LTL provides an efficient and cost-effective solution.

If your shipment is small, your timeline is flexible, the loading conditions are normal without specific requirements, and you want to save money, choosing LTL is your best option. However, when shipping LTL, it is crucial to properly package your product, avoiding damage to the merchandise as LTL and reducing the risk of loss.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

FTL is highly recommended for loads more than 12 pallets containing fragile products or when specific timelines must be met. With FTL, the truck will be used exclusively for your merchandise, whether you fill it or not. FTL is also the best option for shipments requiring special handlings such as temperature-controlled and non-stackable items.

It is important to note that the trailer size for both FTL and LTL is usually the same. The standard size is a width of 8.5 feet, a length of 53 feet, and a legal height of 13.5 feet.

Drayage of Intermodal Containers

At GLC Distribution, we can move your cargo from point A to point B, whether port to port, port to a facility or shipping hub, port to the rail yard, or from the facility to the port, rail yard, or another facility.

The intermodal process begins when the container is received with cargo at the port, airport, warehouse, or rail yard. Then, the freight is divided, loaded, and carried to the next endpoint. When it comes to short distances, the drayage is managed by trucks.

With our service, you will count on a reliable and accurate process to move your cargo on time and with the responsiveness you need.

Final Mile Delivery

As we all know, customers need their products as fast and reliable as possible. For that reason, GLC Distribution provides you with multiple shipping options and rates according to your budget. Our main goal is for you to fulfill your orders on time. 

Temperature Controlled

With refrigeration capabilities, our trucks can transport temperature-controlled freight such as perishable food items, flowers, and pharmaceuticals.

Over Dimensional

Don´t worry about your oversized freight. Our extensive network of certified carriers gives you the option to offer you the best of over-dimensional transportation. Your cargo will be safe, and it will go to its destination on time and without problems.

Heavy Haul

GLC Distribution has the experience, the operators, and the machinery to handle and transport heavy haul cargoes like military equipment, airplane parts, oversized vehicles, and more.

Time-Critical Shipment

We cover your requirements, whether you need overnight transportation or delivery or pick up in a specific timeframe. We are always ready to go for your cargo and transport it to the destination you want. We are always prepared.

Relocations/ Personal Effects

We can relocate your goods or your personal belongings whenever you need them. In an articulate work between our warehouses and our trucks, our experts will handle them intact from origin to destination. 

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