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Cost-Effective Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

At GLC Distribution, our focus is to provide customized warehousing and distribution services at every volume level.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are strategically placed throughout the United States. That allows us to offer competitive and efficient fulfillment strategies, getting finished products in customers’ hands faster.

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to warehousing and distribution. Our teams are trained to ask all of the right questions to tailor a specific solution to your company’s needs. Our extensive service allows us to support your supply chain from when your product leaves the production line until it arrives at your customer’s door. Therefore, we create a seamless and reliable experience every time.

We have 1.000.000 square feet combined in our distribution centers across the United States. They all are ready to receive, store and manage your goods, regardless of the commodity they belong to. We are great allies of the long, medium, and small businesses that trust in our competitiveness.

If you are looking for safe stock levels and full integration of your sales channels, you should think about GLC Distribution. Let us offer you best-in-class Warehousing & Distribution Services to ensure your products are secure in place and safe on arrival.

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      • Online WMS System with Real-Time Inventory Updates
      • Cross Docking
      • Stripping, Stuffing & Segregation
      • Pick and Pack
      • Domestic Distribution & Fulfillment
      • Inventory Management
      • Short/long-term storage
      • Nationwide domestic trucking
      • Small parcel services
      • Kitting
      • VAS ( value-added services)
      • Crating / Palletization Services
      • Consolidations
      • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Storage
      • Complete Supply Chain Management
      • Personal Effects / Household Goods
      • Automotive Blocking / Bracing

GLC Distribution’s Services

GLC Distribution's E-Commerce Fulfillment Services | Warehouse conveyor belt

e-Commerce Fulfillment

Our eCommerce division provides cost-effective and efficient fulfillment solutions. Those give you a competitive edge in the fastest-growing retail sector, eCommerce.

GLC Distribution's Warehouse and Warehousing Services

Warehouse Logistics

GLC Distribution’s best-in-class technology and state-of-the-art warehouses provide a safe and secure storage solution. We are here to help you with your short and long-term storage!

GLC Distribution's Small Parcel Services

Small Parcel Services

We emphasize on-time and intact delivery. Our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System uses API to integrate with all major eCommerce platforms, ensuring a seamless order lifecycle.

GLC Supply Chain Consulting

International Shipping

GLC Distribution’s sister company Global Logistical Connections, Inc., is an IATA-certified, fully licensed NVOCC and U.S. Customs Brokerage firm. That makes it capable of handling the international and domestic transportation of goods by Air, Ocean, Rail, and Ground.

GLC's Trucking Services

Nationwide Trucking Services

Put your ground transportation into high gear with GLC Distributions’ extensive portfolio of trucking solutions. From the first mile to the final destination GLC Distributions offers licensed and reliable transport for the continental U.S.

FAQ’s About Warehousing & Distribution Services

Are you able to deliver to Amazon Fulfillment Centers?

Yes, GLC Distribution, LLC. is an Amazon Approved Delivering Carrier, which enables us to schedule deliveries to all Amazon Fulfillment Centers nationwide.

Are GLC warehouses insured?

Yes, all of GLC Distribution’s U.S. warehouses are fully insured. Protecting your goods is our top priority.

Will I have real-time visibility of my inventory?

Yes, our Warehouse House Management System (WMS) will allow you to view your inventory levels, place and/or cancel orders, and view shipping statuses in real-time. A GLC Distribution team member will prepare an in-depth WMS training upon onboarding. Custom Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations and reporting are available for complete visibility.

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