How Blocking & Bracing can save your cargo

Air Freight Services

When transporting goods in the supply chain circle, cargo goes through all sorts of transitions and changeovers, which is why it’s essential to maintain the good’s safety.  An often easy, more financially friendly way of ensuring secure packages is by blocking and bracing your cargo. 

What is blocking and bracing?

Blocking and Bracing refers to a method of securing a load. The more the cargo weighs, the more important the act of blocking and bracing becomes.  Blocking refers to preventing a load from moving side to side and front and back, and bracing refers to preventing the load from moving up and down. One goes hand in hand with the other, without bracing, a load can move over any blocks, and without blocking, the securement method of blocks will not stay intact. The method of blocking and bracing is most commonly used on containers traveling via sea, railway, or aircraft. Other methods of blocking and bracing can be used over the road, such as load straps.

What methods are used to block and brace cargo?

There are many methods that can be used to secure cargo in place for transport, depending on the cargo type. If your cargo has wheels, like a car or automotive machine, you will need equipment such as straps, blocks, or bars to inhibit the wheels from spinning during transport. This type of approach will secure the cargo to the container itself and keeps the cargo in place. Each type of good should be evaluated and measured for proper security measures. 

What types of cargo needs blocking and bracing the most?

Most often, the larger the cargo, the more it needs to be secured. Examples of heavy-weight cargo needing this service are cars, lawnmowers, bikes, or any large-wheeled, or non-wheeled goods that often cannot be contained within a pallet, crate, or box. 

Why is it important to block and brace?

Shipping automobiles or vehicles of any kind is much different from normal cargo held tightly on pallets or in crates. Some common mistakes are thinking because your vehicle or large heavy goods are inside a container, secured on a container, that nothing will move. Did you know that 25% of all damaged goods have been linked to improper securing? 

When choosing which option is best for you, make sure to communicate the exact specifications of your heavy-weighted cargo to your freight forwarder. GLC Distribution is highly skilled and professional in blocking and bracing your precious cargo.