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DIST: Warehousing Insurance (Revised Apr 16, 2021)

GLC Distribution's Enhanced Insurance Options Effective Oct. 1st, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for selecting GLC Distribution, LLC as your preferred distribution partner. We are pleased to announce the addition of enhanced insurance coverage to our portfolio of services. Please select from one of the three below insurance options for your goods while in the care of GLC Distribution.

Option 1:

Enhanced Coverage:

Coverage includes Declared Value up to full invoice of the product in storage.  Cost is .20c per $100 of the chosen limit, payable monthly for the value declared or a $100 minimum, whichever is higher.  Covers theft, damage, fire, improper handling. 
 * excludes loss caused by acts of God such as wind, flood, and earthquake

Option 2:

“All Risk” Cargo Coverage:

All Risk includes coverage for the full invoice value of the inventory in our care. Coverage includes Acts of God, theft, damage, fire, and improper handling.  The estimated cost is .50 cents per $100 per month for the FULL VALUE of inventory in our care with a $250 monthly minimum. Subject to insurance provider approval.

Option 3:

Decline enhanced coverage and remain with limited liability.

Terms and Conditions

Global Logistical Connections, Inc shall not be liable for any loss or damage to goods stored, however caused, unless such loss or damage resulted from the failure by warehouse to exercise such care in regard to the goods as a reasonably careful man would exercise under like circumstances. Warehouse is not liable for damages which could not have been avoided by the exercise of such care. In particular, but without limiting the extent of the foregoing disclaimer, warehouse shall not be responsible for damage caused by fire, wind, water, sprinkler leakage, vermin, acts of god, strikes, terrorism or other work stoppages, or other causes that are beyond the control of warehouse. In the case of loss or damage, under no circumstance shall warehouse be liable for any damages in excess of the actual cost to customer of replacing or reproducing the goods at the time of the loss or damage or $0.50 per pound, whichever is less, or for any lost profits or other consequential or incidental damages or for punitive damages. In the event there is no cost invoice the value must be justified with a commercial invoice or professional appraisal.