GLC Distribution, Your Premier 3PL Partner


When your business has reached the critical point of expansion, a decision about your distribution needs to be made; use your own resources or use a third-party logistics company that has the knowledge to help you grow and efficiently receive, store and ship your products.

Easy integrations with any shopping cart

Advantages of working with GLC Distribution

Distribution Centers in LA, Chicago, Charleston, and Miami

Monitor your inventory from anywhere

WMS Integration with all major e-commerce platforms

Fast and cost-effective In-house Customs  Brokerage

Amazon Approved Carrier

Nationwide Trucking and Air Freight Coverage

Scalability to grow your business quickly

What can GLC Distribution provide?

Location, location, location!

A good fulfillment network is a must. GLC Distribution will assist in getting products stocked closely to your customers. This ensures quick delivery, and shipping costs can be reduced.


    • GLC can help you guarantee quick shipping times to your customers.
    • GLC Distribution´s network of fulfillment centers are located across the U.S. in strategic locations near major ports, hubs, and Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

How do you get shipping information, or know how many products you have on the shelves? Our WMS will provide all this information in real-time.

    • You and your customer will be able to get shipping and tracking information quickly.
    • The capabilities to monitor your products. Real-time information on inventory, receiving, packing, and shipping.
    • Receive guidance on when to move and store products in one of our other locations.
    • Integration with major shopping carts and software provides a seamless experience and helps consolidate your data.


The important process of accepting goods quickly, efficiently, and safely is key in making sure the right products and counts and brought off the truck.

    • GLC’s receiving team will make sure the products arrive in good condition, with the right count, and the right SKU.
    • Received items will be labeled and scanned to ensure items are tracked throughout the entire process.


Professional staff, secure locations, and the right type of storage needed for your goods.

    • GLC’s indoor storage warehouses offer bins/pallets/bays and custom spaces for extraordinarily large items like vehicles and construction equipment.
    • GLC offers a secure location along with a well-trained staff to make sure your products are safe and handled well.

Picking & Packing

Getting the product to the customer correctly involves making sure the product is pulled from its correct storage location and packed neatly and safely.

    • GLC has the ability to create specialized boxes (called kitting) that can give the customer a memorable unboxing experience.
    • The GLC warehouse team uses our label system to quickly pick your products with accuracy.

Inventory and Tracking

Get a live look at your product counts and we’ll help make sure you have the right stock in the right locations.

    • The receiving, storage, and picking teams will make sure to keep a proper count of all items to ensure the right amount of stock at any given time.
    • GLC’s warehouse management software relays this information to the fulfillment warehouse experts and to the business owner in real-time.
    • EDI (electronic data interchange) and popular shopping cart integrations work to make sure the proper tracking information is relayed to the end customers and the business owner. This also provides a seamless experience on almost any platform.

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