Meet our GLC’s Miami HUB

Miami Facility

GLC is excited to announce the opening of its new MIAMI HUB facility located in Medley only 12 miles from the Miami airport and 21 miles from the Port of Miami. Services include transshipping, consolidation and distribution, storage, and pick and ship program solutions for onforwarding services to all of Latin America and the Caribbean.  GLC is both IATA and FMC licensed offering a full … Read More

Why do you need Inventory Management?

Inventory management

In order to successfully scale your business, inventory management is vital. An organized inventory will prevent common problems like stock-outs, excess stock, or overselling. 

GLC Joins WCA eCommerce Network.

WCA ecommerce Certified

With great excitement, we announce the affiliation of Global Logistical Connections and sister company GLC Distribution with the World Cargo Alliance’s eCommerce Network. Certified members of the esteemed network are accredited by the WCA to be established logistics firms with sophisticated information systems specializing in the fulfillment of eCommerce goods. The accreditation follows GLC Distribution’s recent opening of facilities in Rialto, Ca., South Bay, Ca. … Read More

LTL vs FTL. Which is the best ground transportation option?


When it comes to ground transportation, two modes of trucking must be considered, LTL (Less than a Truck Load) and FTL (Full Truck Load). The decision concerning which one to use depends on the size and weight of the load, time constraints, and any special handling required.  Less than a truckload- LTL  An excellent option for small businesses, LTL consolidates small cargoes from multiple shippers into one full truckload. Recommended when … Read More

When to use FBM over FBA?

fulfillment by merchant

With nearly 346,000 sellers joining the Amazon Market so far this year and an estimated 91 new sellers joining every hour, we figured it might be best to share an essential piece of fulfillment insight to the roughly 1.6 million active Amazon sellers wondering when it is appropriate to use an FBM strategy. Let’s Start with the Difference Between FBA and FBM As an Amazon … Read More